This website is an initiative by dutch software developers who would like to practice their craft.

The idea came up (again) after the last Global Day Coderetreat 2013 where questions where asked if there was dutch craftsmanship community. Since there is none I simply registered a domain name and put up this site to start off this initiative.

The difference is the focus on working on our craft, by practicing. No sessions where we sit back with beer and pizza and listen to an expert. Although there is nothing wrong with that, this group is intended to get their hands dirty every time and learn from each other, discuss concepts like clean code and simple design.

We are all equally qualified to share our knowledge and insights.

The only way for this community to thrive is to set up events which encourage developers to come together and code. These can be nights of doing a code kata or a daily event like a Coderetreat.

If you are interested in joining this initiative you’re welcome to join our google discussion group and/or our linked in group.

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