...and we love keep getting better at it. We believe we have to keep practicing, like musicians, to get better. In order to do so we organise hands-on events (like coderetreats). Are you a software developer? Are you willing to help us out by providing a place, food, drinks, projectors, etc? Get involved! Want to know more, then head to our about page.

How to help?

We're always looking for...
  • A place to organise an event
  • People who want to host sessions
  • People who want to facilitate sessions
  • Promotors of this initiative. Bloggers, tweets, facebook likes, etc.

For developers…

Events are aimed at practicing...
  • No (long) talks
  • Get your hands dirty with code
  • Encouraging creativity by applying constraints
  • Meet other passionate people
  • Free drinks & food
  • Working at a great company who's willing to sponsor? Let us know!